On sabbatical

I’ll be quiet for a while, on a social media and blogging sabbatical throughout 2014 2015.

Read the about page for the pre-sabbatical story.

If you wish to connect with me, please send a message to zuiker@gmail.com.

We're selling our house in Carrboro

Our grand, big house in Carrboro, North Carolina is on the market (current as of 3/7/2015).

It’s been a place of delight for us these last five years, and we’re hoping another family — perhaps yours! — will jump at the idea of making it a home in which to grow up and grow older and wiser, fill with dinner parties and backyard barbecues and birthday parties, make memories fond and familiar and priceless.

Where are we going? Not far, we hope: just over to Chapel Hill to design a new experience for ourselves and our children.

Learn more at 235legendsway.com.

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